Comfort Me Ingrown Hair Treatment

  • Comfort Me Ingrown Hair Treatment
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  • Wax Me with with Sugar Comfort Me Ingrown Hair Treatment Treatment from Wax Me Singapore

  • S$ 35.90

Hate how your pesky ingrown hair makes you waxing regimes seem pointless? The Comfort Me mask can drive those ingrowns into oblivion! The exfoliating mask gently cleanses the skin to detoxify it and remove any impurities present on the surface post-waxing, without rendering harshly on the skin or stripping it off natural oils. The mask includes the “king of natural medicines” itself, the Glycyrrhiza Glabra Root Extracts (Liquorice roots) that help brighten the skin erasing pigmenation and scars, along with Centella Asiatica extracts that help fight aging signs with their collagen-boosting properties. Evenly apply mask and leave it on for about 5 minutes before rinsing with water. Pat dry to reveal soft and supple skin.

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